About Us

Just as you take a daily vitamin supplement, Vitamin-Ha was created to be your daily dose of fortifying laughter and entertainment supplements through pictures trolled from the furthest reaches of the interweb.

Vitamin-Ha.com is a unique mixture of both original humor content that I have created or compiled as well as a collection of random funny, interesting, strange and craft pictures I come across while surfing the web, all mashed together to form this unique website designed to kill time.

The suggestion for setting up a humor website came from my brother-in-law Jon who’s work you may most likely have come across through his incredible collection of websites over the years; most notably known for Dumpaday.com 

While doing a few info-graphics for a couple of his sites, Jon emailed me saying

“Your work is absolutely insane.  Have you thought about creating a humor website yourself?  Just saying, with the content you could put on it would be gold, and with humor websites, you find yourself cracking up all day long. “

 Now having a full time job and not much free time to spare, i ordinarily wouldn’t have even bothered setting up my own blog; but coming from someone who does this soley for a living and is the funniest guy I know, I had to pay attention and give it a try. Spent a few hours creating some funny Star Wars pictures to see if I could, and by the end of those few hours I had 10 posts ready and did find myself cracking up all day. Long story short I decided to give it a try and set up Vitamin-Ha.com in Feb 2012 with a LOT of help and support from Jon & my sister.

Two years and close to two thousand posts later, finding content for this site still keeps me entertained, and I hope it does for you too.

– Nev


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