Create your own Meme

Hey why don’t you create some awesome Meme’s using our Meme Generator Tool and submit them to us. If we like what you send us we will feature it on our site or Facebook page crediting you*.

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1. Fill in the fields and select one of the blank templates we have provided for you above OR for a custom template drag a blank image from anywhere into the URL field OR do it the hard way and paste the url it there

2. Create your meme and hit submit. An Admin will review your post cos we don’t trust you (which might take some time…patience young grasshopper!)

3. Once approved look for your meme under our “User Submitted Meme category” or on our Facebook page.

4. If you email us at with your name and description of your meme (as well as date submitted) we will credit you on the published post, and email you when your work is uploaded. You can then brag about it to your friends.

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